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Justus Meyer Tim Sales was born in a little town in Tennessee. Right out of high school, he joined the U.S. Navy and worked with an elite team known as EOD (Elite Ordnance Disposal) - the U.S. Navy's underwater bomb squad.

After realising that he would not be able to reach his financial goals on his military salary, he answered an ad in the Washington Post and joined his first and only Network Marketing company.

Why is he worth listening to?

Tim Sales has built an organisation of over fifty-thousand distributors, starting from scratch. His approach to training is to break a process into its basic steps and then to communicate those steps in the simplest way possible.

I have found his training products to be very comprehensive, honest and most of all: effective. I have profited immensely from "Brilliant Compensation," "Professional Inviter" and his monthly training seminars; and can highly recommend them to anyone struggling with their Network Marketing business.

Brilliant Compensation

So, what is "Brilliant Compensation?"

"Brilliant Compensation" is a program, available on DVD, audio CD and on-line video, that breaks Network Marketing down and analyses it one piece at a time. It is aimed at people that are not familiar with, or are skeptical of Network Marketing in general. Its claim to fame is its completely comprehensive and educational approach - there is no glitz, fancy effects or emotion-inducing music. All you get are the facts - and who better to give them to you than someone who has walked the walk?

It starts out with a short introduction explaining the purpose of the video. It then goes into the main theme: how to analyse a business and the four principles involved:

  • The need for a huge expanding market,
  • a unique, consumable product,
  • the timing relative to the trends and
  • the ability to create leverage.

He explains each in detail, especially "the ability to create leverage," which he covers in a very unique way - by comparing the different types of leverage you can employ. He then makes a case for what he calls "true leverage," and explains the key differences between it and the others.

The conversation then naturally proceeds to handle any concerns your prospect might have about pyramid schemes and the "shape" of an organisation. Only then does he officially mention the words "Network Marketing," and starts building a case for it step-by-step.

"Brilliant Compensation" includes an interview with Dr Charles King, the professor of marketing at the University of Illinois in Chicago and educated at Harvard University, in the United States. Even though this might not have the credibility impact for us in South Africa that it might have for those in the United States, it still does retain enough of it.

What is brilliant about "Brilliant Compensation," is its professional approach. It is unique, as it aims to be educational, instead of promotional. Giving it to a prospect will educate them on information that they might just need to know - and it makes it easier for the Network Marketer as it educates your prospect and allows you to communicate with them at the same level. Tim Sales takes Network Marketing and contrasts it to traditional forms of business and in that way makes it simple for those who are not familiar with the industry.

I personally do not let someone into my organisation, unless they have seen "Brilliant Compensation" first - the knowledge contained in it is simply invaluable; and it can save you from many prospecting-induced headaches, over time. Some of the questions, issues and objections he covers in the video, include the following:

  • The pyramid scheme objection.
  • Are products distributed through Network Marketing more expensive?
  • The key differences between conventional marketing and distribution; and Network Marketing.
  • Why internal competition is not a problem in Network Marketing.
  • Why human relations skills are good, but a sales background is not necessary.
  • The concern about doing business with friends and family.

As I have mentioned, Brilliant Compensation is available in various formats. I personally own a copy of each and can whole-heartedly recommend all of them - there is no better way of explaining Network Marketing to a person, before introducing them to your own programme.

However, as someone that uses on-line marketing as one of his primary forms of promotion, I personally prefer the on-line versions available from MLM Brilliance. Generally, using the on-line version saves you money in postage, gives you more convenient national reach and saves you a lot of time.

By signing up at MLM Brilliance, you get a professional-looking web-site, along with access to both "What The Wealthy Buy On Payday," and two versions of "Brilliant Compensation" (live and animated). They also provide some supplemental training on how to use the videos, once you sign up, in the form of recorded tele-classes.

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Professional Inviter

Inviting is one of the most important skills you can learn when it comes to Network Marketing - and life in general. Whether you are asking someone out on a date or asking them to take a look at a business opportunity - you are inviting.

Tim Sales breaks inviting down into six steps:

  • The greeting,
  • qualification,
  • the invite step,
  • closing to action,
  • handling of concerns and objections
  • and then follow-up or follow-through.

In "Professional Inviter," Tim has recorded some of the live phone calls he has made to prospects, in order to analyse them and use them to explain each step in what he calls his "Inviting Formula."

The nice thing about "Professional Inviter," is that you actually hear what he says to his prospects. If you are new in Network Marketing, sometimes it is an up-hill battle just figuring out what you are supposed to be doing in the first place. "Professional Inviter" gives you all the information you need, along with "live" examples of how it works.

My personal opinion? I probably would not be involved in Network Marketing, if it wasn't for "Brilliant Compensation" and "Professional Inviter." I had a lot of issues holding me back when I started out, among them being that I had no idea what I was doing. "Professional Inviter" gave me a very clear picture of how I should go about things and it makes training others so much easier.

You can find "Professional Inviter" at

Brilliant Communicator

"Brilliant Communicator," consists out of a series of tele-class recordings, covering what Tim Sales calls the "Ten communication qualities." He goes through them in "Professional Inviter," but goes into more detail with this audio CD set. These are:

  • Be interested in the prospect,
  • do not be distracted by anything,
  • have a sincere, friendly facial expression,
  • use the correct amount of assertiveness,
  • communicate easily - no tension, strain, fakeness, sounding rehearsed, stuttering or hesitating;
  • make sure your body doesn't distract the prospect,
  • tell the truth,
  • know what you're talking about,
  • communicate at the prospect's level of understanding,
  • and have the intention to make the person's life better.

Being able to communicate properly is just as, or even more important than being able to "Invite" - in fact, you cannot properly "Invite" if your communication skills are not up to par. Even though his training has its focus on Network Marketing, it is applicable to literally anything that involves communication with others - business, family or otherwise.

Along with a work-book, which you must order separately, "Brilliant Communicator" teaches you how to communicate properly and effectively with potential team members as well as in your life in general. The work-book also helps you to train your down-line members more effectively and is very highly recommended.

You can find "Brilliant Communicator" at

No matter which subject you choose, there will always be those who are for it and those who are against it - even though I am not generally a follower of Eastern philosophies, this does seem to translate to the idea of Yin and Yang. Everything always has two sides and Network Marketing is no exception.

"" is a web-site, created by Tim Sales, that aims to balance out some of the negativity flying around the Internet about Network Marketing.

"" is a completely free research resource and very comprehensive - a great place to send people that love to analyse and are always looking for more detail.

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