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"Lead generation using on-line
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What is a "Press Release?"

A traditional "press release" is a two-page document that informs the press about current or upcoming news. Usually, they are submitted to the media either face-to-face or via email. They then pick which of the submitted releases they are going to report on.

Generally submitting a press release and getting exposure from it can be fairly difficult - especially for those of us that are involved with Network Marketing. Let's face it... A new member joining your team might be newsworthy to you, but is not exactly of interest to most of the other people in your city or region.

And unfortunately, if published, submitting a press release to an offline publication has a much less residual effect than its on-line counterpart.

On-line press releases

On-line press releases work more-or-less the same as traditional ones and exist for the same purpose. However, they have two added benefits to help you generate free leads, that make it worth your time.

The first is the fact that they are, in fact: on-line. Your press release becomes part of a much larger web-site that Google and other search engines crawl regularly for content. By writing your press release and focusing on certain keywords, they can help drive traffic to your site. This has a residual effect that can bring your traffic for quite a while.

The other benefit is that your press release might get displayed publicly on the web-site that hosts it. This is in contrast to the traditional way of doing things, which meant that you carefully written press release would only be read by one reporter - if it made it past the trash bin.

Writing a press release

So, the question becomes: what do you write about? Generally the rule of thumb, is anything that qualifies as news - possibly an information product you have made or an event you have organised in your area.

The structure is made up out of the following:

  • The head-line,
  • a summary,
  • the main content
  • and what is known as a "call to action."

Like in all copy-writing, your head-line should attract attention and include the keywords you want Google to index. The summary should be just that - a short and sweet summary of your main content.

Your main content can be anything from two paragraphs to a page in length and should include the "scoop," so-to-speak, but should not give too much away. The "call to action," is just what you want the reader to do next - in our case, visit a web-site for more information.


At the end of the day, press releases are a great way to generate free leads since they do not take up a lot of your time to set up and can generate a residual stream of leads for some time to come.

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