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Does It Work?

"The truth vs. the myths and lies
on whether Network Marketing works."

The wrong question

When speaking to people about Network Marketing, the main question that usually comes up is about whether Network Marketing works or not. People are generally sceptical of new financial opportunities - and rightly so: financial matters are not to be taken lightly.

However, I also believe that the reason for the question is influenced by the fact that most people that get involved, have backgrounds as employees. A job just "works" - when you show up, you get paid. How well it works, is another discussion...

Network Marketing, on the other hand, is a business venture and requires a different skill-set - the most important being the ability to take initiative when you need to.

The problem with asking if Network Marketing works, is that it is completely the wrong question if you intend to work for yourself. The right question is more along the lines of: "Can I work Network Marketing?"

For instance, when you decide to go to college or University, do you ask whether it works? Of course not! You have to make it work by studying and completing your assignments. Network Marketing is just another way of getting paid for work that you have done - the question is, will you do what it takes for you to succeed?

Do the people at the top make all the money?

If I have heard it once, I have heard it too many times - especially from people already involved in Network Marketing. I remember I used to mislead myself with this question when I started out as well, so I do understand the concern behind it.

The myth is almost true: the fact is that the people at the top do not make all of the money, but they definitely do make the most of it. The question then becomes: is it fair?

Of course it is! And I am sure you will agree... When you get to the top ranks of your chosen career path, is it fair that you get paid more than those who are just starting out? If you have put blood, sweat and tears into becoming successful: is it fair that you get rewarded for it?

It works like this in every profession and activity in the world. Whether you are a top athlete, a doctor or a lawyer - the world rewards those who become the best at what they do.

Do most people fail in Network Marketing?

Another concern from people that are looking to getting involved with Network Marketing is that most people seem to fail at it.

In the past, you may have had to sit through an opportunity meeting where the presenter was trying his best to make it all sound ridiculously easy. Unfortunately, it is impossible to convey all the details needed to understand Network Marketing in even a couple of hours - most of it needs to be learnt through experience.

However, that is no excuse for misrepresenting the topic - although it could be that the presenter has already developed the skills needed and for her (or him) it might actually be that easy.

However, my answer to the question of whether most people fail in Network Marketing, might surprise you...

The answer is a definite yes: most people do fail in Network Marketing. The question is: is it unique to Network Marketing, or does it happen in every other industry currently in existence?

How many people become professional athletes? How many musicians become super-stars? The fact is that failure is not unique to Network Marketing - it is a characteristic of the human race. And remember, failure is relative - it all depends on what you personally want to achieve: success for me, might not mean the same as success for you.

Losing friends

When I started in Network Marketing, I have just moved back to the city to start my studies in Information Technology. Most of my friends that used to live close by, moved to other parts of the country or went overseas.

I simply could not afford to lose any friends - at the time, I didn't have many to start with!

Some people are under the impression that you will lose your friends as soon as you join a Network Marketing opportunity. The fact is that it all depends on how you handle it... Over time I may have lost a couple of friends, as life happened, but not a single one due to the fact that I am involved in Network Marketing.

Are you going to bug your friends until they don't want to talk to you anymore - or learn proper lead generation techniques, so that you wouldn't have to?

At the end of the day, it all depends on you and how you handle it. If you can respect your friends by not pushing them into to join you, they will respect you even more for being involved.

Its simple: Network Marketing works. It is a simply another tool to get paid, and it will work for you if you learn how to use it properly!

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