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Multiple Income Streams

"How and Why to diversify!"

Why build multiple sources of income?

In today's world, the common teachings around building an income are rooted in old ideas - specifically, ideas from as far back as the industrial age. Zig Ziglar is often quoted for saying the following:

"Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale."

The fact is that whether you like money or not, you simply cannot do without it - not if you want to survive in today's world. As anyone close to the age of thirty has realised, relying on only one source of income simply doesn't cut it - no matter what you've been told, it simply isn't the way that the world works anymore.

Multiple income streams seem to be out of reach for most of us - but is it really? And why bother, when our jobs are stressful enough already? This section of the site will try to to explore that a bit further...

The traditional "JOB"

A lot of people, especially in the Network Marketing industry, like to refer to a job as your J.O.B. - your "Journey Of the Broke." This is justified to a certain degree (and I agree with it - to a certain degree), but can sometimes be taken a bit far by people who like to over-emphasize the problems related to it...

The fact is, that sometimes, a job is the best solution to your immediate problems. It brings in a stable monthly income and that monthly income helps to sustain you and possibly your family (if you have one). It is something to be proud of - a lot of people out there, simply don't bother...

However, there are a couple of problems with relying on a job by itself though:

  • Inflation catches up quickly,
  • you have limited earning potential,
  • it only provides short-term results and
  • your earnings are tied 100% to the time you spend working.

Ths answer is, strangely enough: multiple sources of income!

Building multiple sources of income generally implies residual income. There are many ways to build multiple sources of income, some of which will be covered in this section. To find out more, please refere to the pages listed below.

More information

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