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Want Financial Freedom?

"Take Back Control,
Build Financial Freedom,
and Do Whatever You Want,
For The Rest Of Your Life!

You are sitting down at a table, looking out over the ocean...

In front of you is your laptop, a cold drink – and an afternoon of relaxation... You spent a "hectic" morning working out at the gym, doing a bit of reading and then meeting with a couple of business associates for a late breakfast.

You lean back, put your hands behind your head and visualise yourself driving your new Mercedes to the golf course later...

And, well... Then you wake up...

If you are like most people, then this is probably not how a day in your week usually goes... The odds are that you spend your time at the office, paying the bills, watching the clock and living for the weekend. In fact, to most people, that short scene would seem very, very far-fetched...

But... what if it could actually happen? What if you really could have the financial freedom to spend more time with your family and do the things that you really want to do with your life - and just what if you had enough time to actually live it?

What is financial freedom, anyway?

True financial freedom is the freedom to set your own schedule, to refuse jobs you do not want, to go on holiday to an exotic location when you need a break, to spend more time with those you care about, to work on your hobbies, to drive the car you really want and to live in the house you have been dreaming of... It is about being in control of your life and not being a slave to money.

The fact is that your time and your income potential will never be your own as long as you are tied to a job – even when you enjoy what you do. This is where most people come to the realisation that they need to start their own business – after all, real job security is looking at the boss in the mirror.

The problem is... where to start? A business is a risky venture – especially when you still need the stable income from the daily grind to support yourself and your family. Apart from that, what type of business will provide you with the potential to win back your time as well as eventually, a comfortable income?

As a matter of fact...

What do you need to achieve financial freedom; to do whatever you want, for the rest of your life?

This web-site was born out of my own struggle against the traditional, corporate machine. I have always known that there is more to life than a job - living from weekend to weekend, building somebody else's dream and slaving for my next pay-cheque. I really disliked having to report to someone else, coming and going to the office on their schedule...

I believe that money is just a tool that allows you to build the life that you want - like painting on a canvas... Unfortunately for most people, money has silently taken control and become their master.

However, before we continue...

Let me introduce myself...

Justus Meyer My name is Justus Meyer. By day, I am a software developer as well as a freelance web designer. I have always had entrepreneurial tendencies and knew from a young age that I was going to be my own boss. Unfortunately, I did not grow up in an environment that promoted it in a practical way - and even though my family supported me and I am grateful to them for it, they simply could not quite give me the direction I needed in that regard.

While I was a student, I was introduced to Network Marketing by a friend - or as some call it: MLM or "Multi-Level Marketing". As you probably know, people who are professionaly involved with computers, generally develop a very cynical attitude (sometimes annoyingly so!) and at the time, that described me very well.

However, after some serious investigation, I eventually joined the programme that my friend proposed. I had some initial success, but that eventually faded away... I ran out of people to talk to: no customers and recruits, equalled no business, with no apparent solution in sight.

I have never been a pushy person - in fact, I would say that I am still a fairly private person. I simply did not (and still do not) find the traditional way of approaching Network Marketing very comfortable... And in any case, I needed all the friends I could get: possibly alienating them was not an option - unless I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my Playstation only.

The fact is that if you struggle being comfortable with a task, you probably will not be able to keep doing it indefinitely. Failure was not an option - I had to find another way... I wanted people to approach me, instead of the other way around. I was very dedicated to being free - so much so, that I refused a well-paying corporate job in Cape Town and sold my car to reduce my income requirements (being a twenty-seven year old guy with no car is extremely good motivation to take action!).

It took me over six years to fight my way through the fluff that unfortunately dominates the Network Marketing industry today. Good, solid facts are sometimes hard to find... This site is my attempt to make it a bit easier for you, so that you would not have to go through the school of hard-knocks as I did - or at least that you will not get knocked quite as hard...

However, this site is not just about Network Marketing - it is also about anything and everything that can help you achieve your own financial success. I do not believe that Network Marketing is the end-all and be-all in strategies towards financial freedom. It definitely has a big role to play - I picked it as part of my own strategy, after all...

It just really depends on your individual needs and situation. Whether you are looking at early retirement, to make some extra money to pay off your bond, just some spending cash or to replace your full-time income; I hope you find what you are looking for...

In conclusion

The path to financial freedom and success starts with you. You have to make the decision to take the first step - no-one else is going to do it for you. However, more importantly, you then have to keep on making that decision every day... No formula, plan or "system" can take the place of knowledge, determination and persistence. I do not believe that achieving financial freedom is easy - however I do believe you will agree, it just might be worth it...

Again, I hope the information I provide here will be of use to you... Who knows? We might even end up working together - and even if we do not, I would still like to hear your comments and ideas.

If you have not done so, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter. Its general focus is on strategies to use with Network and Affiliate Marketing, but also includes ideas that apply to other forms of business; as well as my occasional rants and ravings.

To your freedom and financial success!


Justus Meyer

J. Meyer (signature)

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