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Attraction Marketing

"How to stop chasing clients,
turn the tables
and let them come to you."

What is "Attraction Marketing?"

"Attraction Marketing" is the name given to a new approach to lead generation, mostly in use on the Internet, but also for use off-line. The principles behind it are based on the principle of "information, information, information," instead of "location, location, location." People inherently have a need for information - we always need to know or find out more. "Curiosity kills the cat," but a lack of proper information can bring down any dreams of building a successful business.

Information is one of the only things in the world that will never go out of fashion - people want to know all kinds of things: the newest fashions trends, the best movies, how to start a business, how to maintain their motorcycle or even why a certain martial art is better than another for use when defending yourself.

Information attracts people - and that is the main principle that the concept of Attraction Marketing is based on. By supplying people with useful and applicable "how-to" information that is related to your products and services, you can attract people, that are already to a certain degree, interested in what you have to offer. However, it isn't just information - there has to be a personal element attached as well. People do business with those they know, like and trust - Attraction Marketing also involves pre-selling you as a person and an expert in your field.

Why does it matter?

Traditional prospecting and lead generation methods in Network Marketing involve going to others and to use a technical term, "pinging" them, to see if they have any interest in what you have to offer. You can go about this in two ways:

  • The conversational way,
  • or the direct way.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both and they cater to different personality types.

The "direct" method

The direct way is simply that - approaching a person and asking them directly whether they would be interested in Network Marketing. Even though this seems to be the most simple way of going about it, it gets complicated by the fact that most people do not know what Network Marketing is, but like to think that they do. Apart from that there are scammers everywhere - just take a look at the spam in your email inbox for the proof of how far some people out there are willing to go.

The fact is that when you get approached by someone that wants you to "look at a business opportunity", the odds are you will stay on the side of caution and avoid them - I know I usually do...

The advantage to this method is that it is direct and to the point and thus simple to do and to teach; the disadvantage is that you need to approach too many people for it to be practical in the real world. And remember, people buy only from those they know, like and trust - you will need to approach hundreds of people before one of them will be open to taking a risk and going into business with a stranger.

So, what if you know this person? The one exception where this sometimes works is when you approach close friends and family - they already know you, so they will at least take the time to hear you out. On the other hand, they were also around when you failed in your previous business venture or got bad grades in school - they might know and like you, but not necesarily trust you to help them be successful.

The "conversational" method

The "conversational" way is a step up from the "direct" method. Instead of directly asking a person whether they are interested in joining your team, you ask them certain qualifying questions throughout your conversation to see whether they have a problem that your opportunity can help solve.

This is better in the sense that it respects the other person's choices as well as focusses on their needs instead of yours. Of course, this also means that you do not bring the subject up, unless you are completely sure that they can make use of what you have to offer. If you are skilled at it, you can even refuse to bring it up until they explicitly ask you to.

Again, the problem with this method is the practical application. If your daily work involves meeting lots of different people, it works very well - if you have the skills to pull it off. On the other hand, if you are stuck in a cubicle and still trying to break free, the odds are that you simply cannot speak to enough people during your day to make it work - especially if you are slightly introverted or have limited time.

Interruption Marketing

The main problem with the first method, is that the person you are approaching has probably not given you their permission to do so - you have "interrupted" them in their current activity to promote your own. Most marketing and advertising we see is based on the concept of "interrupting" and catching the attention of their audience.

As soon as you interrupt someone from their current activity, their first priority is to get back to what they were doing. They might be friendly and seem like they are listening to what you have to say, but actually they are just hoping you will go away so that they can get back to what they were doing. This is the very reason why people dislike television ads so much - they want to get back to watching their show.

Another well-known example of interuption marketing is cold-calling or tele-marketing... I know it works, because I have done my share of it, but I also recently bought a product from my bank via the telephone. The thing is: I was thinking of buying the product right before I got the call! I shudder to think how many people a tele-marketer has to call until they get lucky enough to find the right person at the right time... It is almost like playing "Russian Roulette." Although, in this case, the bullet represents the sale and the gun has way more than six bullet-chambers.

Permission Marketing

What if you tweaked how you view your target audience a bit? What if you could only deal with people that are already involved in the activity of looking for what you have to offer? "Permission Marketing" is when you focus on asking people's permission before you ask them to look at what you have to offer.

I am sure you will agree - it is much easier to market a product to those who are already convinced of its value, than it is to convince someone that they need it to begin with.

The problem is that you still need to attract people to ask for their permission... This is where "Attraction Marketing" comes in. It is the combination of "Permission Marketing" and "Information Marketing" - the use of inexpensive- or free information to attract those who are already looking for a solution that you provide, building credibility and then getting their permission to allow you to market to them.

Attraction Marketing in Practice

The Internet, also known as the "Information Super-Highway," is a perfect match for Attraction Marketing. Back in the day, researching a topic started with a trip to your local library - today it is much easier and more convenient to just go onto one of the search engines and type in what you are looking for - proof that Attraction Marketing works, because you probably found this site that way! There are many ways to build an Attraction Marketing system on the Internet - please see "Lead Generation" for more information.

Implementing an Attraction Marketing system off-line is possible, but will never yield the results that you would get from the Internet - unless you have enough money to pour into it. Apart from that, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot mix the on- and off-line components of your marketing. For instance: along with reaching your on-line market, why not use traditional methods like direct-mail and a car-decal to promote a web-site address. That then leads to your web-site where your potential customers can get free information in exchange for giving you permission to market to them...

Attraction Marketing is the introvert's solution to Network Marketing - stop chasing prospects and let them come to you. It takes a more work up-front, but I believe the long-term reward is worth it!

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