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Justus Meyer,
Port Elizabeth, South Africa


So who am I, anyway?

Justus Meyer A lot of sites on the Web, are written by reporters and academics. Most of the content you will find, is usually written from a third-person perspective or on behalf of an organisation. Normally this makes sense, but it does make a lot of sites rather impersonal... This page is my attempt to give you a glimpse of who I am and how this site came to be. It is not very glamorous, but my intention is to be honest.

As I mentioned on the front page of this site, my name is Justus Meyer... I currently live in the city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where I was born. I moved back here after school and started studying Information Technology.

Professional interests

During the day, I work as a computer programmer, developing financial reporting systems and components. During the night, I satisfy my entrepreneurial interests by doing freelance Web-design and development, building a Network Marketing business and working on my other income streams.

Thanks to my initial struggle in Network Marketing, I started developing not just a passion for it, but also for the promotion of small businesses in general - particularly micro-businesses. I started studying Internet and local marketing methods, not just to help myself, but to be a resource for others around me. As a result, some friends and I started forming small-business networking groups around town, to generate referral-business for each other which then started snow-balling into a couple of other ventures and projects.

My personal goal is to generate a full-time income using the ideas outlined on this site, with the main components being Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Information Marketing and Property Investments. Unfortunately, these things take time and I am not quite where I want to be yet, however I have done my home-work and I know exactly how to get there - life is a journey, right?

My professional purpose is to help others that are looking for a way out of soul-sucking the Corporate Environment, which I believe is just a new spin on the Industrial era, to get their time back and spend it doing the things they were meant to be doing!

When I'm not working

I am fairly health-orientated and try my best to stay in shape by keeping to a healthy diet and working out regularly. I own two surf-boards: a six-foot-six short-board and a mini-mal. I try and get into the water as much as possible, but unfortunately my schedule does not always line up with the swell...

When relaxing and when there are no waves, you will find me riding my motor-bike around town, hanging out with friends, visiting a local restaurant, practicing (with a "c") Wing-Chun Gung-Fu, or playing with my Playstation. I also like to dabble in 3D computer-art, using 3D animation programmes like Blender or 3D Studio - I think this is a result of playing too much LEGO when I was a kid...

About this site...

This site came about as an experiment in generating organic search engine hits and leads for use in my Network Marketing business, as well as an experiment in Affiliate Marketing, using Site BuildIt! as a platform (you can read my review for more information on Site BuildIt!, by clicking here).

I chose the topic "Financial Freedom", because it relates to my professional purpose and it fit in very nicely with a couple of projects that I had in mind. However, since I also wanted to get into contact with people that have an interest in Network Marketing, I then decided to focus a large part of the site on useful information, specifically for Network Marketers.

I want to make it clear however, that this site is not just about Network Marketing. As I mentioned on the front page, it is about anything and everything that will allow you to become financially free. My hope is to provide information to those who are in my organisation, those who are not, those who would like to be and those who have no interest in Network Marketing whatsoever, as well.

I hope you find something useful here and feel free to contact me with your comments and suggestions.

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